I don’t care what anyone says, there is nothing more luxurious than comfort. There, I said it. Yes, as someone who works in the fashion industry and at times has subjected myself to some pretty annoying fads that went as quickly as they came—including more belted looks than I’d care to admit—I can say that.

The pajama trend is one that has been around for a couple of years, allowing those to mix up their trousers with pajama bottoms and tops with sleep shirts. A brave few are able to make both items work as a seamless ensemble—this intrigued me.

One of the brands that remains at the epicenter of this movement is Sleepy Jones, a company that believes comfort brings out our true selves. So I recently ventured into their store in Lower Manhattan to see if I, too, could pull it off. I was immediately sent into a lounging, calming environment with soft music playing in the background and pajama-clad saleswomen.

Enthralled with the choices, I left the store with two sets—one for bed and one, of course, for everyday wear. I couldn’t wait to get into one of these sets, and once I did, I didn’t regret it one bit. I felt like I’d leaped into a cloud and my body had it’s own mini-eureka moment.

The next day, I decided to don this entire look at the office. This time, instead of rocking my slippers, I opted for suede loafers. If anything was a clear indication as to how passersby felt about my outfit, it was the glances I received on the subway that morning. People were taking in every detail of my outfit, which I expected.

What I didn’t anticipate? My coworkers’ reactions. Many of my colleagues loved what I was wearing that day (some were, dare I say, jealous?), and even complimented how perfect it was for the time of year and for the ever-changing temperatures—score!

I felt completely invigorated by my choice in attire that day at work and, regardless of people’s reactions, it definitely had the gusto to turn heads. Plus, I did killed it that day.

Photo: iStock/Eva-Katalin