The night shift sounds like it might be a good choice only for those prone to grave digging and serial killing, but most jobs pay more for night hours and there are some other perks too.

According to an article on MSN Money, plenty of industries reward night work with some significant pay jumps. “Pharmacists, police officers and Postal Service mail sorters make up to 10% more overnight, while some TV and radio news writers earn 15% more. Don’t forget about those nannies, they usually get a 20% premium.”

Waiters and Waitresses earn on average – $16,500 yearly for a day shift and $22,500 for a night shift. Not a bad jump for them, but one downside might be the frequency of hearing ‘hey Toots, how about some more fries over here’ from drunken customers at night.

Verizon telephone operators earn a weekly salary of $890 for a day shift, and $979 for a night shift. Also not a bad choice there, but again keep in mind, the number of people encountering cell phone problems sober during the day compared to those looking for customer assistance after the phone took a bath in the local bar’s urinal.

The article also explains that there might be some other benefits to working at night, besides the extra cash:

Money isn’t the only benefit. There are other intangibles, such as greater autonomy, fewer meetings (all the higher-ups are sleeping) and the likelihood of getting promoted sooner, because there are fewer people to compete against.

Night work definitely sounds awesome. No boss breathing down your neck, you could probably take a few naps at your desk and maybe the cleaning ladies at your office are hot?

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