Obviously, losing weight is rarely fun. It takes hard work and requires skipping out on things we love, like triple-chocolate deserts and craft beer. It’s even worse if the process seems to drag on with little noticeable effect. Now you’ve made yourself unhappy as well. The problem is that a lot of inaccuracies exist concern weight loss, perpetuated by the uniformed or the unethical looking to make a buck. If we incorporate this false knowledge into our routine, it only serves to slow and derail our progress, and frustrate us like nothing else. To help make your weight loss as painless as possible, we’re exposing myths that can get in your way.

Lifting weights will make me huge

This is a common concern for females, but most guys are looking to stay trim as well, and worry about getting “too big.” There is a connection to weight loss, so stay with us. Because we are men, we have testosterone flowing through our body. This wonderful hormone does serve to build muscle, but you have to work at it. Casually partaking in resistance training will not instantly turn you into Mr. Olympia. This fear causes many to avoid weights when they are trying to slim down, which actually keeps them from slimming quicker. Muscle uses energy, fat does not. Increasing the muscle mass on your body will increase your metabolism, causing you to burn calories at a quicker rate. So, lifting weights actually helps you drop pounds, while making you even more useful to the ladies.

Carbs are bad

With the success of diet program like Atkin’s, which shuns the consumption of carbohydrates, these little organic compounds are getting a bad rap. The issue, in theory, with carbs is that we consume too much of them and our body ends up store the excess as fat. This is not, however, a free pass to have pasta and garlic bread every meal. We do, however, need carbs to be healthy. Sugar is a type of carbohydrate, which exists naturally in fruit, so should we avoid fruit? Of course not. Carbs found in fruits and vegetables should be consumed, along with whole grains, as they provide energy and come packed with vitamins. White, refined sugars are the appropriately marked “bad carbs,” and should be avoided. Also, the timing of when you eat your carbs is important. Your body needs them the most and handles them best in your after workout meal. So post 30 minutes of sweaty-ness, eat a plate full of spaghetti and meatballs, guilt free.

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The salad bar is the healthy option

Obviously, leafy vegetables, piled high with other veggies, fruit, nuts and lean meats are a terrific healthy option, and a meal that could aid in weight loss. However, if you find yourself making your own salad and covering the green with bacon, cheese, bread and fatty dressings, well I think you see where we are going with this. Just because what you are eating is called a “salad” does not mean it is low in calories, fat or even the healthiest option for you. Dressing your salad up like your favorite lunch time burger, makes it just that. You are smart guy, your waistline won’t be fooled by falsely labeled junk food.

Don’t weigh yourself while losing weight

Many weight loss guides will recommend selling your scale before starting a new program. They don’t want you to be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. How about this, understand that this is a relatively slow process, so you shouldn’t expect to reach your goal in 5 days. Now that we got that settled, using your scale daily should be encouraged. How else are you going to track your progress? You should be excited to see slight decreases in your weight and consistent reminders help keep you motivated. Also, you will see the effects of a lapse in your plan, a healthy slap in the face to keep you focused. If your goal is too slim down and you are not concerned with a particular weight take measurements of your body weekly to see the changes as weight loss is not an exclusive measure of becoming healthier.

A diet means not eating

Science dictates, if we don’t eat, we’ll die. Denying yourself necessary nutrients and fuel may cause you to lose weight, but you will not like the end results. First, you will be losing a lot of muscle, so your new skinny self will be a soft one. With less muscle, remember, you’ll burn less calories and struggle in touch football games. Also, this is extremely unhealthy and will lead to serious health risks. Losing weight is a balance between eating correctly and consistent exercise. There is no reason to skip meals; in fact you might find yourself consuming a higher volume of healthy food, since it is likely lower in calories compared with densely packed sugar and fat filled treats.. For many it is a simple as removing one or two common contributors to weight gain, like soda pop. Examine your current diet, cut out what you don’t need, but don’t forget food altogether.

You can lose 30 lbs in 30 days

File this claim in your, “too good to be true,” box. Before entering any weight loss program, you should consult a physician, but sometimes you don’t even need to waste his time. If said program promises don’t pass the smell test, they should likely be avoided. Such rapid weight loss is unhealthy. Also, if you did drop that much weight that quickly, you would certainly be risking leaving flabby skin behind, as it would not be able to adapt. In individuals that are extremely obese, rapid weight loss can occur healthily under the direction of professionals, but that is only because they have so much weight to lose. For an average individual, 1 real pound of mass lost per week is a healthy goal.