If you liked “King of Kong”, then you need to be downtown in Los Angeles this weekend for the first annual World Tetris Championship. Competitive Tetris (for those of you who haven’t followed it as closely as us), has lacked a cohesive competitive structure in recent years with a lot of matches occurring online and with loose rules about rematches. No more. From the official site: 

Former Nintendo World Champion and Tetris expert Robin Mihara has brought together the greatest Classic Tetris players for an event like no other. For the first time, record holding players from around the country will meet in competition before a live audience. No more internet scoreboards, no more second chances, just a good old fashioned face-to-face live tournament for the ages.

This all-out digital brawl will take palce in the Downtown Independent Theater, admission will be $10, and you get a chance at the title with that fee. Additional games can be bought for $3 more, so you can pit yourself against Tetris greats like Thor Aackerlund, Jesse Kelkar, Jonas Neaubauer, Ben Mullen, Daniel Anderson and Dana Wilcox. 

And don’t forget the 6pm nerdtastic after party on the roof.

In addition to all of that, the documentarians behind the upcoming film “Ecstasy of Order” about the world of competitive Tetris will be there to film the action. If you’re in the greater L.A. area, you can buy your tickets right here