The world’s most expensive anything has always been of interest to us. The super-rare, the super-luxe, and in this case, the super cheesy, are the things existing at the peripheries of haute living which most of us only dream about wearing, driving, or dipping into some kind of special sauce. And this £111 cheese sandwich created by Michelin-starred chef Martin Blunos fits squarely on that plate.

Unveiled at the Frome cheese show (they have those?), this cheese sandwich is made up of a £5 loaf of sourdough dressed with extra virgin olive oil hugging sliced quail’s eggs, epicure apple, fresh figs, white truffles, and heirloom black tomato.   The actual cheese in the sandwich is custom white truffle cheese which Blunos created in conjuction with experienced fromaggieres at Pilgrim’s Choice which costs, by itself £92. The Mail has Blunos explanation of this delicious decadence.

“We Brits are known to love our cheese sandwiches, and here’s one that not only comes with a royal price tag but is fit for the banqueting table. ‘The white truffle fuses beautifully with the West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and the edible gold leaf gives it a really special look.’ ‘In fact, washed down with a bottle of Krug, what more could you want?’