The problem with smartwatches is that, as smart as they are, they still get tired and need to be regularly charged. All that brain power means they use a lot of juice, so proper rest is important.

If only something could keep a smartwatch powered forever. The sun? No, maybe something closer to the earth. Something closer to your person. Something like… your actual person.

Yep, here’s a smartwatch that keeps its charge by feeding off of your body heat. It’s called the Matrix PowerWatch and, according to the company itself, this is the world’s first smartwatch that you never have to charge. That sounds convenient. If you’d like to score one, you can back the project on Indiegogo starting at $129. It’s already been fully funded, so if all moves ahead as planned, you can expect to receive a watch sometime next summer.

Once on your wrist, this thing measures your activity level, calories burned, steps taken and sleep patterns using “advanced thermoelectric technology.” All that means is that it measures your body heat to discern those stats. It also converts that same body heat into electric power to run the watch, so you never have to take it off. It’s even got a power meter that displays how much electrical power you’re generating, in the event that you’re curious.

If you do decide to take it off, all your data gets stored in memory before the watch goes to sleep (hey, it’s earned a nap). Then once you put it back on your wrist, the watch turns back on right where you left it.

It also tells time.