The world’s most expensive apartment sold for $200 Million, and it hasn’t even been built yet.

A lot of people in New York complain about the extremely high cost of living in the city, but they can be considered trailer park trash compared to what people are paying in London right now.

One Hyde Park, the new luxury apartment building in London’s Knightsbridge neighborhood has pre-sold 1 of its 4 exclusive penthouse apartments (which are probably called ‘flats’, right?) over 2 years before being able to test out the sink and look in the closets.

Even though the building is not expected to be completed until 2010, these apartments are selling quickly because (more pictures) of their fancy amenities and insane central location. Think of it this way, your Monopoly board might soon say One Hyde Park instead of just Park Place. The Monopoly guy will be sooo pissed.

The developer of the property is Candy & Candy (lots of cavities, even by British standards), and the owner of the property is Sheikh Hamad, Foreign Minister of the Gulf State of Qatar.

Some of the included cool features will be:

  1. communal spas
  2. wine-tasting facilities
  3. wooden baths
  4. marble surfaces
  5. floor-to-ceiling fridges

And also, according to

Each of the four penthouses will have a number of security features, including bulletproof glass, panic rooms and access to an underground passage leading to a nearby hotel.

I guess if you have enough money to buy a place like this, you’re definitely a prime target for robbery.

Also, I bet that secret passage comes in handy when you’re trying to slip out to the hotel bar after your girlfriend goes on a screaming tirade about her $2,000-coasters not being used, and you leaving your Million-dollar-socks all over the place.

Is this place worth $200 million? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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