Everyone on Wall Street knows that having a great suit and tie is only half the battle. A great dress shirt brings it all together.

So will any of the big bankers be interested in this very ornate arms, neck, and torso cover?

Eton Shirts, a Swedish company celebrating its 80th anniversary, has constructed this, the world’s most expensive dress shirt.

The shirt is woven out of fine Egyptian cotton and both the cuff links and studs are encrusted with white and colored diamonds. Sounds very discreet, right?

You can’t even buy this thing yet! The shirt will be traveling the world in a glass case to Los Angeles, Milan, and Stockholm before going on sale in 2009 for a charity auction.

I, personally, wouldn’t buy a $45K shirt. I mean, how great of a tie do you need to go with it? I’d probably sport my Tasmanian Devil Looney Tunes tie with it. That thing is totally boss!

And what about your deodorant? You don’t want $45,000 pit stains. You better use one without that white residue stuff too. Go with a brand you can trust, one with ‘eXtreme’ in the title and a picture of a windsurfer skydiving with a motorcycle.

Eton Shirts: Eton Shirts.com

MostExpensive: Dress Shirt, May 27, 2008