This is one little piece of plastic that has a massive price tag.

Those seemingly worthless pieces of plastic that your guitar heroes throw at the crowd might not ordinarily be worth anything, but Starpics, an Australian company, puts those other crappy chips to shame.

Starpics is a top shelf brand known for fashioning guitar picks out of precious metals. This particular pair of picks is valued so high because they’re made out of friggin’ meteors!

That’s right, those rocks from space that crashed on earth. These two picks were whittled down from chunks of Gibeon meteorites. These meteorites were discovered in 1836 in Namibia. For a long stretch of time they were locked in the country due to a ban on their sale and export.

Somehow they were smuggled out and now seem to be popping up in all sorts of places. According to MostExpensive:

One of the most interesting things about the meteorites is the pattern of Widmanstatten lines created by their frigid passage through space. These patterns are preserved in the picks and can be seen in the picture above.

Sweet. Yeah, if you’re going to buy $4,674 guitar picks made out of genuine meteors you’ve gotta have a few choice Widmanstatten lines on there. This is totally something I could see that tool Bon Jovi using on stage.

If I owned these meteor picks, I would probably just use them as fancy lock picking devices.

MostExpensive: Guitar Pick, May 20, 2008