I’m not really sure what you would use it for but, wouldn’t knowing you owned the most expensive knife in the world be worth any cost? So. Totally. Badass.

The most expensive knife in the world was sold for an astonishing $2.1 Million and is called ‘The Gem of The Orient’. Although that’s an outdated geographic term, if you were in an action movie and you took this weapon away from the main bad guy, it would be required that you make some play on words like ‘Now who’s disoriented?’, etc.

Buster Warenski, the maker of the knife, is probably one of the most well-known and prestigious knifemakers in the world. Back in the late 1960s, Buster decided he wanted to start making some cool knives. Eventually he decided that making expensive-as-hell knives would be a lot more profitable than making cheap and crappy ones. That guy had quite the mind for business.

Warenski is kind of like that famous swordmaker from the Kill Bill movies, only he makes dagger-sized knives (presumably for the purposes of concealing your murderous intentions easier).

Most-expensive.net has a tantalizing description of the knife. Behold:

“Designed for a Japanese customer, the knife’s jade and gold filigree handle is encrusted with 153 emeralds (10 carats) and nine diamonds (5 carats). In all, the knife was made with 28 ounces of gold. Supposedly, it took Warenski 10 years to make.”

It sounds like the kind of knife you would be honored to be killed with. Not just merely satisfied by, but truly honored to feel its countless emeralds, diamonds, and carats of gold digging into your skin. Maybe I’m getting a little carried away with myself here, but expensive knives like these have that kind of hypnotizing power over a man.

MostExpensive: Knife, September 4, 2008