Back in 2003, the world’s most expensive tie made its first appearance at the hilariously named ‘Cultural Ties’ Fashion Show in Mumbai, India.

Salman Khan, arguably the biggest Bollywood film star, modeled the tie down the runway. The tie, which was specially designed by Satya Paul and the Suashish Diamond Group, is studded with 261 diamonds, each 77 carats, and also consists of pure silk and 150 grams of gold. At the time, the tie cost Rs 1 crore, which equals 100 lakhs, which also equals 10 million rupees. I guess that’s the Indian monetary system’s way of keeping things simple? No matter how you cut it, 10 million rupees is approximately $220,000, and that’s one hell of a tie.

Although it doesn’t look very fashionable, believe me, in India it gets you mad dowry, son.

But seriously this has gotta be the most excessive expensive garment I’ve seen so far, since writing about these things. After all, it’s just a piece of cloth hanging with a bunch of unnecessary crap put on it. Yes, silk ties are great, and yes maybe having a diamond tie clip or some gold lining makes it that much more impressive, but where do we draw the line? Who am I kidding? Angelo Mozilo would totally wear this thing. It goes perfectly with his horrible orange complexion.

You’d probably look a lot better if you just carrying that gold and those diamonds around in the palm of your hand.

(via MostExpensive: Neck Tie)

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