wembley stadium, most expensive stadium in worldThe Brits get all the nice things, don’t they?

Thankfully there are more attractive things to watch everynight during the Olympics than Bob Costas’ ugly face. One of those things is the impressive ‘Bird’s Nest’ National Stadium in Beijing which houses the track and field events, but comparitively that stadium was ‘cheap’ compared to the world’s most expensive stadium – London’s Wembley Stadium.

The Bird’s Nest, although totally awesome looking, only cost $500 million to build, while Wembley cracked the $1.5 billion mark during it’s construction from 2003 to 2007 (Even the super fancy new Yankee Stadium [$1.3 billion] can’t beat it). (more cool pictures and video after the jump)

Originally built in 1924, Wembley Stadium has been the focal point of sporting events in England. The new redesign has again taken over the duties of hosting home games for England’s National Soccer Team, domestic league title games, and the very best crazy pop concerts that Madonna, the Spice Girls, and Elton Jon among others can pull out of their ass.

And how can you go wrong with a stadium containing dozens of world class restaurants to feed and sit over 2,000 people at one time (and the accompanying 2,618 toilets)?

One of the most impressive features of the stadium is its structural design. The large metal arch, ‘The Steel Tiara’ swooping overhead provides the structural support of the entire building, thus eliminating the need for pillars obscuring fans’ views. And it’s 90,000-seat capacity (all covered from rain) makes it the third largest stadium in Europe, but it still pales in capacity comparisons to Michigan’s The Big House (112,000) and Ohio State’s Horseshoe (102,000).

Wembley has more imporant things to attend to. The stadium even comes equipped with built-in hairdryers (no joke) for the locker rooms, so the beautiful game’s most Eurotrashy players can maintain the upkeep on their horrible faux-hawk/mullet hairdos.

A cool photo montage of Wembley’s journey:

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