Have you ever had the problem that your rod was just too big? You know, on a bank with dense vegetation or sailing boat with little space.

The concept behind Wormy Compact Fishing Systems is just plain simple; it’s modular, multifunctional and compact enough to take anywhere—the smallest version (10 inches) even fits in your pocket. Instead of being collapsable, this device uses swappable stainless steel spring poles so you can fish in spots that can’t accommodate longer rods. It’s made up of an aluminum reel seat, a removable trigger that fits most reels, stainless steel spring poles and a hardwood handle. The body’s functioning is ensured by a stainless steel, interchangeable spring that serves as a line leading ring. Just swap the parts depending on the method you’re using and the fish you’re looking to catch.

It’s only on Kickstarter for now, but will be available in the Spring. Something to think about—you might not look like you’re a professional, but everyone around you will secretly wish they had one, too.