We’re all guilty of making up small white lies or exaggerating the truth to get ourselves out of situations in which we want no part. Some of us more than others… And some of us worse than others.

If you don’t want to do something, you shouldn’t do it. Honesty is the best policy, of course, but if you struggle with speaking the truth, at least don’t make up some absurd excuse that’s going to come back to bite you. In other words, if you’re going to lie, make it a credible story that you’ll actually remember.

Or just don’t make it stupidly unbelievable like one of the following excuses men have used in real life, with terrible results.

1. Rosalind, 25: “I had a dude in my bed and right after we had sex he said, ‘I have to go file my taxes because they’re late.’”

2. Allie, 22: “When I asked him if he wouldn’t mind helping me move, he told me he was stuck at his buddy’s house who was having a rough day. So I texted his buddy to help me move, and his buddy—who was not having a rough day—came right away.”

3. Alicia, 23: “I went out with a guy who didn’t really like the restaurant I’d picked so he lied about being a vegetarian and kept it going for a few weeks until he accidentally ordered a burger in front of me.”

4. Taryn, 26: “He told me he had wedding stuff to do for his best friend all weekend but then posted stories on his Instagram of him out with another girl.”

5. Annalise, 28: “I asked him if he’d be down to meet my parents for lunch and he told me he had to do laundry and get to the grocery store before the storm. There was no storm coming.”

6. Miranda, 25: “I invited him to a baseball game and he told me he couldn’t come because he was having an allergic reaction to a spicy taco and woke up with a swollen lip. Months later he told me the same story, forgetting that he’d already told me, but this time he admitted that, spicy taco or no spicy taco, he’d kissed a chick with herpes.”

7. Kerry, 26: “He told me he didn’t want anything serious, that he wasn’t the relationship type. He got a girlfriend days later and posted it all over social media.”

8. Paulina, 28: “When I asked him about going on vacation together he told me he had no vacation days left, but then a month later told me all about this trip he’d just booked with his buddies.”

9. Lesley, 27: “He said he couldn’t come out because he was cat sitting… because cats can’t be left alone for a few hours.”

10. Erin, 26: “ ‘Sorry, I ate raw meat and am glued to the toilet…’ ”

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus/Merlas