Is it just me or is the movie selection getting worse and worse? I enjoy a good movie. In fact, I look forward to a movie coming out as much as I like the newest Trader Magazine, Victoria Secret, and Wayside Gardens’ newest editions coming out. But this year was terrible. The movie studios should be ashamed of themselves. Finding a good movie at Blockbuster online is like pulling teeth. I actually have to wait for Wedding Crashers and 40 Year Old Virgin because there is nothing else to look forward to. Walk of the Penguins or whatever it was called was a hit not because it was the movie of the year but because there was nothing else out there that had any creativity or dared to do something different. Most of the original versions of sequels that were out weren’t even that good. There is no doubt in my mind that the ticket sales would be better if the films improved. They should have learned that Nichole Kidman or Jennifer Anniston, as pretty as they are, have trouble selling tickets. They also should have learned that a good film will be profitable. Despite what some may say, good films eventually get noticed and make money. If they don’t, it’s the studios fault for not marketing it correctly.
Content is king and we need some content. I’m sure I’m going to get emails saying “What about this film, and “Penguins was amazing”. There were some good fims out, there always are. When you release 1000 movies there are bound to be a few good ones. I just wish the percentages were higher. If you want to email some “Hidden Gems” movies or stocks, perhaps I’ll soon find out that there were plenty of good movies last year, I just don’t know how to find them anymore.