is a new site dedicated to an economic model born, refined, and proven on a 7th grade playground.  It is a sited dedicated to people willing to do things – all sorts of weird, mundane, extraordinary, predictable, and unpredictable things – for five bucks.   

And, happily, it hasn’t been overrun with spam about sending you free Canadian Viagra yet.  It’s mostly artsy people looking to spark their creative matchsticks, have some fun, and maybe make $5.  Some of our favorites include:

I will write (and perform) an song for you about a topic of your choosing for $5 (here)

I will draw a monster hanging out with you for $5 (here)

I will call your ex bf/gf and tell them they’re bad in bad for $5 (here)

I will write rhyming doggerel for you for $5 (here)

I will help you pick out your outfit everyday for $5 (here)

I will tell you if you look fat in those jeans for $5 (here)

I will give you really bad advice for $5 subhead: Relationship, career, family, life…I can give you advice to ruin pretty much anything… (here)

I will transform you into a zombie for $5 (here)

I will tell you anything you wanted to know about a girl but didn’t know how to ask for $5 (here)

Hopefully this site doesn’t fall prey to the phenomenon of the 7-minute abs when comes out. 

If you want to be the one racking in the Lincolns, you can go here and sign up for an account or just use their Facebook connect on the page.  Post what you’re sellin’ and hope some cheapskates out here are buyin’.