Interesting AP report on this strange military-themed restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon.

Like most people, I’m a big fan of themed-restaurants, but this one goes above and beyond all other practical ideas. Not only is Beirut a pretty dangerous place to have a business, but the guys at Buns And Guns (motto: A Sandwich CAN Kill You) wear army helmets and full camo while they cook, have sand bags protecting the building and call their sandwiches Kalashnikov, Dragunov, Viper and B52. Most orders are served on something ‘terrorist bread’.

The restaurant, which is located in a Hezbollah-supporting area, has been improving its business steadily since re-opening with the military theme.

When asked by a local Lebanese TV station about the risque decision to go with this theme in such a controversial area, Mr. Yousef Ibrahim responded, "They accuse us of terrorism, so let’s serve terrorist bread, why not?"

I honestly don’t think the idea is any worse than what Denny’s is doing promotion-wise.

BBC: Lebanese Food Served With A Bang, June 23, 2008