This is always something I’ve wondered about — there are these ‘faces’ on Wall Street that serve as a collective representation of the mood. It’s practically the definition of a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ moment. So the newspapers and all the media jump on said image to use for the frontpage headlines about jitters, meltdowns, collapses, and crises. After all, it humanizes the news to reflect its effect on people rather than just some numbers and acronyms with big plus and minus signs.

That being said, CNN was able to annoy the crap out of me, in a way few networks can, while addressing this interesting story in detail. Watch the clip:

Asking some tourist guy with a baby on Wall Street if he knows who that guy is? How is that going to help? Also, great delivery on the ‘Not that garage!’, line. They don’t teach that kind of emphasis enough in J-school. She couldn’t even get the guy to talk, I was so disappointed.

But just imagine being this guy with your moment of despair plastered all over the world’s headlines. There’s probably only one way it could get worse: if some keen observer contacted him and said, ‘Dude, you better get that mole checked out, looks a little iffy, man.’

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