Remember the other day when you girl mentioned you buy her too many diamonds and that you should both focus on simpler pleasures? Just kidding, we’ve never heard that either. There is something to be said, though, about wooing your lady without needing your black Amex. After all, any schmuck with a trust fund can be momentarily impressive. You might surprise yourself how good you can be with a little thought and bit of effort. Here’s how you convince her to do the freaky stuff without opening the wallet.

Cook dinner

Sure, ordering Chinese is much easier, but science dictates women can’t say no to a man in the kitchen. Don’t be intimidated by fancy words you cannot pronounce seen on restaurant menus. Catch a little Food Network and they’ll lay out everything for you. It is amazing how good food can taste when it is cooked at the ideal temperature with proper spices. It is not difficult and your audience of one will likely give you the benefit of the doubt since the meal was not delivered nor microwaved.

Fix something

You can prove your manliness and general worth by dusting off the toolbox and doing a little home repair. Never pounded a nail in your life? Home Depot and other like stores offer classes and your internet machine is stuffed with how-to guides. Rookies should stay away from anything dangerous, like electrical work. Laying tile or wood flooring can give a room an upscale look, and it is surprisingly easy to pull off. Another memorable yet easy move – painting. With any of these you’ll save a bundle over contracting the work.

Frame a picture

Chances are the misses loves pictures of the two of you. We don’t understand either; she either actually enjoys your company, or is a total narcissist. Regardless, a framed image is one of the easy ways to illicit an “awww.” For best results, ask your friends (even better if you can talk to her friends) to comb their digital libraries for a meaningful pic. Using an image she has not seen before is very crafty and shows some effort. Print it at Walgreens for a few nickels and spring for the $8 frame. Leave it on her bedside table when you head to work.

Learn something together

Caution, this can be tricky. New activities can be excellent bonding experiences, or they can turn into an opportunity for you to once again run your big no-it-all mouth. The key is for the activity to be new for each of you, like a salsa dancing class. If you are already skilled at said activity, you will start to offer your girl advice, at which time you can be guaranteed no sex for a week. However, allowing yourself to be humbled by a sweaty Latino dance instructor is relationship gold. Chicks love vulnerability.

Build a better you

You know your lady will say she loves you for who you are, but does she really mean it? Probably, girls are weird like that, but she likely would not refuse a you that is a few lbs lighter and toned. You don’t necessarily even need a gym membership. Hit the beach or focus some aggression in the name of love. Pretend you don’t notice when your girl does a double take at your new body.

Offer a massage

An offer of a massage will always be accepted, even in an earthquake. This time, however, change your focus from removing her clothes to removing her stress. Try to last longer than 3 minutes (in all aspects of life) and actually put some effort into it. Set the mood with some candles and oils or lotions. Even if you have no idea what you are doing, applying pressure all over her body for 20 minutes or so will definitely ease her tension and inhibitions.

You don’t have to be the inventor of Louggle to dazzle women. Sure, gifts are great, but with a little thought and selflessness, you can score some major points. How you cash them in is up to you.