The Wall Street Journal’s website,, has completed a massive 6-month overhaul and redesign today and premiered the site’s new features this morning. The verdict: Wow, so you went with the black ominous motif? How appropriate.

WSJ, one of the country most well-respected business news sources, is attempting to go after that ‘not-into-business’ demographic, but at the same time it has changed its demeanor to the more grim realities of present Wall Street life, much like it previously did with its cartoon headshot depictions.

The site still features a plethora of exclusive paid subscriber content including cutting edge stories with insider market-moving info, but the front page and other landing pad pages for the casual dude are more geared to pop culture, simple explanations, general news, opinion pieces, and style/fashion features.

One of the most stand-out differences from the old WSJ to the new is the change in theme and style. It used to be all baby-blue and white-colored, but now it’s  more austere and gloomy with grey, white and mostly black tones. I’m not a hip graphic designer with a lame goatee or anything, but it seems to correlate nicely with the general demeanor in the business world this week.

Here’s my one suggestion: Have the whole site in this ‘mood ring’ feature where the colors of the border and maybe even the text hues range from black to yellow on good to bad days. Maybe more purplish when we’re feeling flamboyant, green when we’re all rolling in cash, and red when someone is murdered. You guys can figure out the specs, I’ll ask our own IT guys if this type of thing is doable.

Whether you’re a hardcore trader or just a casual observer, let us know what you think of the new WSJ.