Dating is difficult AF today. And, thanks to apps and technology, we’ve had to come up with a whole new vocabulary to talk about and navigate modern dating. But because there’s a lot to keep up with, we’ve curated this list of lingo for you. A lot of these words and phrases are just new, novel ways of describing a dick move, but some could very well come in handy the next time your girl starts acting weird.

1. Breadcrumbing
She wants to be wanted. It’s not about you at all. It’s about her. She knows you’ve stopped thinking about her, but she so desperately want things to go back to the way they were, she will start dropping little hints—a random “like” on a social media post or a “hey what’s up” text at inconvenient hours.

2. Cushioning
With dating apps, it’s easy to talk to multiple women at a time. In other words, if something goes awry with your current girlfriend, you have a string of ladies waiting to be drafted from the B team to the A team.

3. Benching
What cushioners do to the B-teamers.

4. Ghosting
Some say that ghosting is a millennial’s favorite activity, and I can’t say I disagree. It’s a shitty thing to do. Basically, rather than explaining why you don’t want to be with someone, you just disappear. Apparently, over 80 percent of millennials have been ghosted.

5. Slow Fading
Similar to ghosting, these people just so happen to always be busy whenever you want to meet up. They’re usually working late or don’t feel well but will say things like, “Drinks soon, though?” Yeah, you can be sure those drinks are never going to happen.

6. Haunting 
Basically, this is ghosting but creepier and similar to breadcrumbing. When you think you’ve been ghosted but they’re still looking at your Snapchat and Instagram stories or throw you a like on your new profile picture, you’re being haunted.

7. Cuffing Season
Cuffing season is just winter. It’s the most cold and boring time of year, so people look for others to Netflix and chill with them. You can take the cuffs off when it’s time to day party again.

8. Textlationship
According to Urban Dictionary, a textlationship is defined as such: “When someone only has a relationship with someone via text messages. Usually they have to bust out their cell phone to recap a conversation or any event involving the person.” It’s basically like you’re dating someone without actually going on a date.

DTR: Define the Relationship
DTF: Down to Fuck

FBO: Facebook Official
FWB: Friends With Benefits

11. Sliding into Your DMs 
When someone doesn’t have your number, the only way they know how to contact you is by finding your Instagram and sending you a direct message. Direct message. DM.

Photo: iStock/PeopleImages