If you find the idea of a trip exploring the South of France tempting, then you’ll love this new Mercedes-Benz adventure.

The luxury carmaker is offering an excursion, called Classic Car Travel, where guests visit places like Cannes, Avignon, Arles and Saint-Rémy behind the wheel of the prized Mercedes-Benz SL. But more than just taking in the views in a classic convertible, the four-day trip also includes a taste of some of the world’s most exquisite dining and luxury accommodations.

Talk about the perfect getaway for you and that significant other.

Each of the two different excursions offered can accommodate up to 18 people and also includes an on-road English speaking tour guide to ensure that guests can focus purely on enjoying the experience as teased in the video below.

The jet-setting tour includes everything from visiting the area that inspired some of Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces (he painted “Starry Night” while in Saint-Rémy, for example) to wine tasting at one of the oldest wineries in the world. And after digging deeper into the details here, it’s clear the only thing to really consider is which of the two packages to pick. Oh, and how soon Mercedes needs the $2,000 payment (per person) to book a spot on the excursion.

For more information go to mercedes-benz.com.