Who wants a speaker that actually looks like a speaker these days? That’s been done to death. Sure, speakers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but in the end they’re all basically the same at their core.

Little boxes (or columns or prisms or “champagne glasses“, some shade of grey, designed to look sleek and subtle. We’re over it. It’s about time somebody switch it up and take the world of speakers in the exact opposite direction: shiny, clunky, and not blending in with the rest of your technology at all. A speaker that looks like a…wait for it…aluminum can! The Audio Can looks like the audio system some cartoon bum would set up in his cardboard box palace… And we think that’s awesome. The can will hook up to any mp3 player, cell-phone, or laptop.  Just don’t let your little cousin take it in to donate to the holiday canned food drive. Some hungry person might end up very disappointed. The Audio Can comes with a 9V battery and an audio cable and can be bought here.