Every day James Frey comes out and says he made up just a little more about the characters in “A Million Little Pieces” This is the Livedoor of the book world. Slowly the book is getting pushed from the non-fiction over to the fiction. When The Smoking Gun calls you out you’re done. They don’t mess around. They interview, pull files, and do anything it takes to get the truth. You also don’t mess with Oprah. She can make you and we’ll find out if she can break you. He certainly won’t be getting a push from her on his new book. He may not need it now as millions have bought the book and those who haven’t are now very curious what all the talk is about. My wife read it and she loved it. That is all that mattered. She was entertained. It’s not like it mattered if it was true or not. It was about shock and awe and entertainment. Glad he made it through, glad others will stay off drugs after reading it. Nothing more. I am just waiting to find out that James Frey is actually Martin Johnson from Chicago that actually never took drugs but thought it would make for a good story.