Here are some pretty funny x-rays of people that either swallowed something they shouldn’t, put something up somewhere they shouldn’t, or have something stuck in their body I don’t want in mine. Even though some look fake, all these X-rays are REAL and I did weed out all fake ones by pulling from medical sites or news stories. Read at the bottom for an X-ray game I’m running.

We’ll start with the most famous. The old smuggle the phone to your boyfriend in prison in your vajajay

Impulse Body Spray up the rear. I think it works better when
you don’t shove it up the butt. Next to it a boring photo of a stuck sexual device.

Oops, I’ve got a pepper shaker in my bum. Pass the salt.

I think I found the grommet that’s always missing on my tarp. It’s
up this boys’ nose.

The old screw stuck up the nose. Actual photo below

Professor Plum with the screwdriver in the bum

I’ve heard of getting shot in the bum but this is the first case of shoving the whole bullet up your butt. Yes this is real

Again the famous, Coke bottle up the rear. And now for my
trick called “The Two Litre”

I forgot what this was but I can only imagine

The first nail in the head picture. He survived but my question is
who uses nails that long?

That must have been one hellava meal. Somebody actually
ate the fork as well.

And here we have a the common “spring in the stomach”

You would be surprised how many kids swallow safety pins.
Even more surprising, many of them are swallowed open like
this one.

This guy actually went months before discovering his pain was this nail.

Anything for my man. I call this one “Heat hidden in the meat”

Cool x-ray of a sword swallower

Here’s a nice close up of that screw. OUCH

X-ray of what happens when a nail gun goes off in your face.


Here’s the game to go with the photos. I’m going to pay $10 paypal to the funniest photoshop (if I get any) I get with this
photo. Let’s see what you put in the picture. Send entries HERE
by Sunday at noon. Winner announced Sunday night.