Rusty sent me a funny audio clip of a then 8 year old Irish girl from Dublin calling a wrecking company to hire them to tear down her school. It was absolutely brilliant. So brilliant in fact, I thought it couldn’t be true. Turns out it really is true. She was discovered by the two DJ’s singing at her father’s Birthday Party when she was 5. Her real name is Becky Barr but she will always be known as “Little Becky” She’s now nine and has been calling in pranks for 98FM in Ireland for 2 years. She’s as cute as a button and her voice is adorable. That’s what makes the calls even funnier. I can’t believe she comes up with the comebacks herself. No doubt she’s been prepped with what she’s going to say but the way she says it and then the ad libs are great. Here are a few sites to hear Little Becky . The second link has the demolition of her school on it.

98 FM

A set of her first calls

A set of her second calls