Chris Lindland was at a party and asked the simple question, “Why don’t they make horizontal cords?” His was often answered with “Because they would look stupid” That wasn’t good enough. He decided to have a pair made up by a taylor and the result was noticed. He said people often stopped him and asked him where he bought them. Lindland has always been an entrepenuer. He started a web storage company during the internet boom and a cartoon series he later sold to a cable company but clothing designer was not something he planned to add to the resume. He did it anyway. He didn’t have very good luck getting his product into retailers so he decided to sell them where he felt most comfortable, the web. He started and has sold 2000 pairs of men’s pants at $88 a pair. The site is a bit goofy but worth a look. He’s not rich from selling his horizontal cords but get an A for answering his own questions. For more info on Chris and his company here is the source article.