1. Mark Cuban has put up Adsense on Blog Maverick

2. Everything you read on the net looks red from staring at your stocks’ tickers all day.

3. You can’t wait to watch Cramer to get some stock picks for the next day

4. You start night trading the Nikkei

5. Hoping to fund your trading account, you take your last $50 bucks and put it on Jackson State to win the whole tournament.

6. Greta Van Susteren doesn’t talk about Anna Nicole Smith and Natalie Holloway and talks about the market.

7. You find yourself trying to talk you daughter into considering junior college during the nightly bedtime story.

8. The Subprime companies all delist from the market and go into rehab.

9. Fly drinks a Jack and Coke instead of a can of Monster during his daily “After Market Toddie”

10. You start searching the basement for thing things you collected in the early 90’s that you might be able to sell on ebay.