If you’re tired of hemorrhaging money to the local drive through coffee despot, but you don’t think you can drink a pot yourself, give this gizmo a flip in your morning routine.

Plenty of leaves and trees, but not a drop of joe. And you’re supposed to wake up at what time to fish? Here’s something to lend a helping hand when you don’t have the time or patience to wait for a pot to brew at home, or if there’s just no Starbucks within a 30 mile radius (which these days means you’re on the ocean floor. cool). Try the Flip-N-Drip Coffee Maker.

Just boil some water in the base, attach the brew chamber filled with your blend of choice, flip, and let the magical percolating begin. Take it on the run to work, or on a morning bike ride; the sixteen ounce coffee maker will fit by your side anywhere you’re headed. And, after work, the brew chamber doubles as a mixer for your favorite adult beverages when you don’t have a full bar at your disposal. The Flip-N-Drip costs $45 and you can grab it here.