Or so that’s what Carmen Wong Ulrich (pictured), CNBC’s newest personal finance blogger, would have us all believe.

She quotes a survey that says 41% of young adults (18-29) do not pay their bills on time. That number is a little hard to believe, but if it’s true it’s really worrisome.

To prove her point, and start out the blog with a nice hostile tone, she even posted a comment from a reader who sounds like a lot of fun to party with, but not someone I would lend money to:

“I have no problem not paying all my credit card bill at the end of the month. This country was built on credit and if I had to pay up my credit card bill every month, I could never have the things that I want. If I wanted a flat screen TV and it cost $2,000 and I don’t have it, I would get it on “credit”. The bottom line: “You Can’t Take It With Ya.” —Sly, MI

I suppose, yes, this country was built on credit, but have you taken a look at that constantly ticking national debt sign? Wong Ulrich doesn’t take no crap from anyone and posted her response:

Enjoy the flatscreen (I enjoy mine even more because I saved up for it and own it) but know that consuming on credit for ‘I gotta have’s’ puts you in financial risk with money that doesn’t belong to you in the first place. ‘You can’t take it with you’ refers to money that’s actually yours. —Carmen

Ouch! Burn, son! This lady has got some sass on her. Better not tell her that you think consumer bank savings accounts are ‘more convenient’ than opening up a high-interest money market savings account, she will roast you!

See how she also threw in there that she had a sweet flatscreen too. It would have been great if she mentioned how many channels she gets and what type of luxury toilet paper she uses. That really would have put the nail in that guy’s coffin.

As overly sassy as Wong Ulrich is, I still might check her out every once and while. She has been recommending bankrate.com and interest.com, two good resources for finding low-interest checking accounts.

CNBC On The Money Blog: The Young and The Tardy, June 2, 2008