BevShots are prints of beer, wine, spirits and cocktails magnified under a high-power microscope 1000x. Displayed as abstract art, these prints started out as a novel if desperate way to fund a Florida State University Lab. They really know how to innovate with beverages in that area, apparently.

Dr. Michael Davidson started making prints with less interesting (to most) items such as DNA crystals and vitamins, but in 1992, he meet a necktie manufacturer that suggested he magnify, photograph and print something a little more interesting: booze.

They images are made by first crystallizing whatever libation you choose on a lab slide. These crystals, when illuminated with polarized light, are responsible for the brilliant colors – there is no dying involved.

Flying the banner of “from geek to chic,” Davidson now sells his prints at his site, at a variety of sizes and orientations for prices between $25 and $550. Check them out below.




Pina Colada

White Russian

Rosé Wine