How many times have you been making your resume, an invitation, a PowerPoint, or anything else where a little personal style is okay, and been at a loss for the perfect font? You can see it in your head – you know exactly what it should look like – but you just don’t have the time to scroll through your packs and find it. So, why don’t you make it? 

The answer to that question used to be, “because it takes for damn ever.” But now, you can make your own personalized font in the style of your handwriting (or whatever handwriting you like) at It’s shockingly easy. 

You download a template, print it, write in all the letters and numbers, then you can scan it, take a picture with your digital camera, or even use a web cam (though this is a little tricky) to upload your characters. The site, then, generates your personalized font and stores it for you to use whenever you like. If you’re confused, just watch the video below. If you’re not, go make your own font