Oakley’s new combat boots are starring in the new Terminator, but that’s not the first ass-kicking they’ve done.

Eyewear giants turned design innovators, Oakley, were commissioned to design combat boots for the U.S. Elite Special Forces – this includes the likes of Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and Green Berets.  Now you can buy those same boots.

The S.I. Assault Boot comes in high and low cuts – the former with an 8-inch guard covering your shins and calf muscles. Its vulcanized rubber sole provides excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces.  Its moisture wicking lining provides excellent climate control. 

These boots are so deadly, in fact, that in the new Terminator movie, John Conner spends most of the film crushing metal skulls until he sees the LED light drain from their eyes.  Incidentally, he does it in quiet comfort because its “soft temper [provides] instant comfort and silent movement.” [Buy it]