The VAS personal submersible is a top-of-the-line submarine designed by Nautilus Submarine and Diving systems to luxuriously explore the unseen wonders of the ocean. It was also designed to stop mother-effing bullets. It’s important to diversify when it comes to undersea exploration.

The VAS takes its design cues, interestingly, from the above-water, floaty vessels, blimps, and includes 5cm (2”) thick tempered Steel and the Acrylic viewports are a minimum of 15cm (6”) thick. All of this is wrapped in an extremely tough composite hydrodynamic envelope. Historically, the VAS had to meet military standards of AK47 assault rifle fire. That means it’s bulletproof, but you may have trouble with RPGs.

It was also designed for discreet, below-decks docking with your yacht allowing the billionaire under fire to duck out of harms way and into the murky depths without anybody being the wiser. If you choose the larger model, too, it comes with full-size stairs in the entry way rather than a ladder. They were designed, says Nautilus, to “disembark 6 combat swimmers in under 30 seconds.”

Speaking of combat swimmers, the VAS submarine features something that no other private subs have: a diver lockout system. This allows scuba divers to enter a pressurized chamber while the sub is out on a dive, and enter the water from the sub itself. It also has a recompression chamber allowing divers to reenter the craft from a scuba dive.

If combat swimmers and mid-mission scuba diving aren’t your first priorities, though, the VAS has a few other luxury accommodations that may be more to your tastes. In the cabin is seating for up to 5 passengers, a mini bar, digital video and music players, and an optional restroom to get you to your travel destination in style. Additionally, the portholes are made using large, flat, distortion free optics which eliminate the bubbled view that can induce nausea in some other submarines.

The VAS submarine can be purchased from the company for a relatively cheap $2.7 million dollars. Check it out at their site here.