This thing just launched. And it’s beautiful. And we love it. And if we had a spare $8,200, we’d absolutely buy it. It’s the Woolsey Ping Pong Table, created by California-based furniture designer Sean Woolsey. Handcrafted in Woolsey’s studio in Costa Mesa and made of a solid black walnut top and a sugar maple wood centerline, the table meets the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) spec size. It also includes four custom-made walnut and maple paddles. And the powder-coated steel regulation-size net attaches and detaches easily via quick bolts to the table.


Which is good because the Ping Pong table is also a dining table. Meaning: You can enjoy a fine feast of filet mignon and mashed potatoes and red wine and then turn the table on your dinner guests (literally) and burn off some of the calories with a few spirited games of Forrest Gump’s favorite sport. And because it looks more gorgeous and classy than any other Ping Pong table we’ve ever seen, it’s never an eyesore in your living room, game room or dining room. It’s the kind of Ping Pong table we could imagine Leo DiCaprio and his boys and a few supermodels using before the Oscars. (To play table tennis and/or have dinner on, of course.)


Plus, with every table purchased, Woolsey will plant a tree in the customer’s honor. So don’t think of this as a really expensive Ping Pong table; think of it as a really expensive tree that includes a rather awesome bonus gift.


For more furniture from Woolsey (some of which sells for a lot less than $8,200), check out this online store.