Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Open up the old scrapbook and check out the pictures you’ve snapped over the years. Your Golf Pros/Tennis Hos party. The day your flag football team won the championship. Your brother’s bachelor party. Good times.

Wait a second… Where are you in all these pictures? Were you even there? You remember doing shots out of that stripper’s navel pretty clearly, but suspiciously there’s no evidence of you ever being present. Don’t worry–there’s something you can do about this thanks to the Sony Party-shot, available next month.

The Party-shot is a dock for your DSC-WX1 or DSX-TX1 cameras. Set it in the center of your party, park your camera inside, and the automated photographer takes pictures for you, while you relax and enjoy yourself. It rotates a full 360 degrees, tilts 24 degrees, and automatically recognizes faces and smiles—which is a lot more than you can do after a night of drinking. At $150 bucks, this will probably eventually replace every professional human-being photographer, conveniently freeing them up to work the spice-mines for the Cyborg government with the rest of us. Enjoy the party!