We’ve seen plenty of personal submersibles before. Even this company, Seabeecher, had a much more tame, playful, dolphin-themed submersible before. But nothing – not even the bullet proof submarine built for private armies – is able to strike such watery terror into the hearts your enemies and frienemies like the all-new Seabreacher X.

Which, obviously, is a terrible name. It suggests nothing about how awesomely and chompingly sharky this big boy toy for the mega-rich is. And, while it can’t actually open it’s maw and consume you like so much Roy Scheider, it can perform pretty admirably on and below the water. Because of improvements to the design of craft from previous models, it can now travel 25mph underwater and an impressive 50 while skimming above it.

But, the best part, is that it is so powerful that, if submerged, you can set the timing and speed in such a way as to breach out of the water – up to 12 feet in the air. Hence, the lame, but accurate name.

It’s going to set you back about $100,000, so unless you’ve got that much cheddar to drop on a cartoon-themed personal submarine, you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with these pictures.  Via Gizmodo