This two-person submarine can go much deeper than most recreational submariners need to be – up to 1,000 feet below the surface. But, should you have the need to get down off the continental shelf for some treasure hunting, this will get you a little ways off. 

To allow for adequate viewing of coral reefs, sunken ships, and all manner of mercreature, the personal submarine has a dome-shaped “Jetsons” style clear, acrylic dome. It’s got a 3hp electric motor which moves it in zero current at about 3 knots for six hours. It’s got thrusters to move it in all six directions, and four halogen lamps to light up the abyss. 

It’s not exactly cheap – this personal submarine is going to cost you $2 million. But, compared to other personal submarines, it’s a good bargain and should provide enough functionality for most. Its extensive instrumentation includes a VHF radio for surface communication, a barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, depth gauges, fluxgate and magnetic compasses, mechanical clinometers, pressure gauges, and a GPS receiver. Check it out here