Nothing carries you from the workweek into the weekend quite like the right soundtrack. So we’ve put together this playlist for you to rock out to on the way to your nearest watering hole for happy hour. Cue it up and let the weekend begin! (Loverboy not included.) Click below to listen to the full set on Made Man’s Spotify.

“Don’t Stop Believin’ ” by Journey
Let’s be honest: this song should be the national anthem. Its simple tale of small-town romance and big-city dreams has inspired at least two generations of men to take to the mic and bare their souls at karaoke. Hop in your car, crank this and feel so many bitchin’ feelings as you triumph over yet another week of drudgery.

“Wake Up” by Arcade Fire
The workweek is the sleep week. You put your head down and grind through five days, anticipating Friday afternoon. When the weekend arrives, that’s when it’s time to wake up. Get woken up with this raucous, driving indie rock track from Arcade Fire. Think of it as your psychic alarm clock for the weekend.

“Some Nights” is a real fist-pumper that will have you loudly singing along and maybe even embarrassing yourself a bit at stoplights. Isn’t that what great music is supposed to do?

“Diamonds” by Rihanna
“Shine bright tonight.” That’s your credo on Friday. The entire workweek you might feel like just another cog in the machine. Once it’s time to punch out, you’re on your way to becoming a superstar at the bar. This is a song that will get you pumped up for dancing and romancing—exactly what a Friday night should mean.

“Some Nights” by Fun.
Indie pop band Fun. writes songs that will stick in your head until the day you die. Case in point? “Some Nights.” This is a real fist-pumper that will have you loudly singing along and maybe even embarrassing yourself a bit at stoplights. Isn’t that what great music is supposed to do? Play this on the way over to happy hour and get your energy levels fired up.

“Here Comes the Weekend” by The Jam
At the height of the ’77 punk explosion, The Jam took the energy, left the rough edges behind and pioneered what would later become Britpop. “Here Comes the Weekend” has been the soundtrack of young blokes heading off to the local pub for more than 25 years. Find out why.

“Have a Drink on Me” by AC/DC*
What’s better than buying yourself a drink after a long week of work? Buying someone else a drink while your pockets are still fat and you haven’t spent this week’s wages. And what’s even better than that? Having someone buy you a drink. This is an ode to the elegant economy of buying rounds at the bar—which is a great way to start your weekend.

This outfit says a lot of things. “Friday” is probably one of them.

“Monkey Wrench” by Foo Fighters
Head back to your high school days with this bar-friendly, car-friendly rocker with melody to spare. For many people, this is where you first fell in love with Dave Grohl the vocalist and songwriter, rather than just the guy in the background of Nirvana. Relive a little bit of your past while you head off into your future.

“Suit and Tie” by Justin Timberlake
The Internet was divided on this one, but we think it’s great. Not only is it great, it’s perfect for the straight-from-work-to-happy-hour situation. Feeling a little overdressed after arriving at the bar from your gig at the office? Don’t be. You’re not. You’re just the best-dressed man with a beer in his hand.

“Play Hard” by David Guetta
This dance track has been heating up the charts with good reason: it’s got an infectious melody and a beat that will get you shaking your booty on the dance floor. Had enough of the workweek? Put this on and celebrate yourself for playing as hard as you work.

“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men
Looking for a quirky party jam? This one works for your ride over to the bar or as a background to a conversation with your new best friend once you get there. An upbeat melody will have this one stuck in your head all weekend, making it perfect for repeat listening. Better yet, throw it on when you and your new best friend head back to your place.

*AC/DC’s one of those Spotify holdouts, so the playlist features a solid tribute by Hell’s Highway. For the original, click here.