When Netflix adopted a monthly subscription model in 1999, it meant no more driving to Blockbuster for us, thank you. Then in 2007, Netflix moved into streaming and suddenly those red envelopes felt pretty damned primitive.

But get this: Some people (read: your grandparents) kept on waiting for DVDs in the mail, watching said DVDs and mailing them back. And it turns out those people were on to something. Because there are some great options from Netflix that are currently available on DVD—but not via streaming. Here are 10 of our favorites, including movies, documentaries and TV series.

Not all are exactly classics—though one is a true masterpiece—but this sampler does give a sense of the diversity of goodies available to those willing to wait for the postman.

Being Canadian (2015)

Ever wonder how Seth Rogen feels about being Canadian? How about William Shatner? The guys from Rush? This documentary gives us insight into what it means to be from a land that loves hockey yet hasn’t won the Stanley Cup since 1993.

Born to Be Blue (2015)

Ethan Hawke plays the legendary jazz trumpeter and drug addict Chet Baker in this acclaimed film, for those still demanding more Chet after the documentary Let’s Get Lost.

Everybody Wants Some!! (2015)

Movie fact: Richard Linklater is the only filmmaker to follow up a movie for which he received three Oscar nominations and required 12 years to film (Boyhood) with one that features a double exclamation point.

Kill Zone 2 (2015)

Originally titled SPL II: A Time for Consequences, it stars Thailand’s Tony Jaa, a truly great martial artist who has directed one genuinely insane movie in Ong Bak 2. Enjoy some kicking.

The Knick: Season 2

It’s long been rumored Clive Owen turned down a chance to be James Bond. Instead, he wound up playing a junky surgeon in a period drama filled with gruesome operations. (Always the commercial choice, Clive.) And for the last time, no, it’s not about Patrick Ewing.

The Lobster (2015)

A bizarre amount of things Colin Farrell has touched have turned to shit (see: the Total Recall remake, Oliver Stone’s Alexander and True Detective). Yet this surreal fantasy is a reminder that, at his best, he can be a charming actor almost unnervingly free of vanity. Also, you get to see John C. Reilly dance.

Miles Ahead (2015)

Can’t get enough legendary jazz trumpeters with drug problems? This one has even more legendary-ness and druggery. While questionable as a biography–in the sense the film just makes a bunch of stuff up–it’s frickin’ Don Cheadle as Miles Davis.

O.J.: Made in America (2016)

May the gauntlet be cast down: This documentary mini-series is, by far, the greatest work of pop culture since Breaking Bad went off the air. Not to be confused with The People v. O.J. Simpson and David Schwimmer’s often unintentionally hilarious turn as Kim Kardashian’s dad, prepare to have your mind blown for seven hours or so.

Orphan Black

There’s no point in attempting to explain the whole plot here, but Tatiana Masiany plays a whole bunch of people and engages in a surprising number of bloopers.

Puerto Ricans in Paris (2015)

Luis Guzmán in Paris. What’s not to love?

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