Women possess different fetishes, ranging from leather to less fun, and different types of men, ranging from full figured to ridiculously fit, but one universal factor in their search for a partner is the prevalent awareness of masculine hands. Crazy as it may sound, women don’t consider these five-fingered limbs as merely functional. They see them as mightily important. How they’re dressed, what they’re doing, who they touch (and how they touch them) – all these observations are secretly filed away to the interior shelves of a woman’s brain when considering whether or not to bring you home. So, teach those hands a lesson – the miniscule adjustments you’ll make will not compare to the wonderful things your hands will later be welcome to touch (i.e. anything that’s normally denied).

Manners of Dress Up:

Oh boy, bracelets can go wrong. If you’re inclined to wear something knotted around your wrist, make sure it does not in any way, shape or form resemble something that might be a woman’s, might have once been a woman’s or could ever be misconstrued as such. This is dangerous for two reasons.

1) In the most obvious way: your masculinity is threatened. Unless you are undeniably rugged (rock abs, guns for arms, rogue features), ornate and intricate bracelets are a big risk and an even bigger excess.

2) In the more important way: women may think that this trinket is a leftover symbol of a past relationship and there is no sooner way to deter a woman than to make her think you’re not ready for a new one.

Silver chains with extra charms, beaded bracelets of the pastel palette and anything containing colorful jewels may very easily jeopardize your machismo (and, therefore, your chances of copulation). Simply plated, silver/gold chains, darkly colored leather straps and wooden beads are a much better mode of self expression if you’re searching to attract any woman born outside Aladdin’s alternate universe.

Rings are a tricky area unless you are Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Depp or an aristocratic prince. If you’re fortunate enough to have the funds to back up your extravagant taste, then a woman might actually stand for emerald-encrusted rings on every finger. That doesn’t mean, however, that she’ll be thrilled about it. When jewelry and men converge, simplicity is always best. Thus, a thin, silver band or some other modest variation (experimental shapes, interesting engravings, small studs, etc) are a greater attraction to stylish women than sparkling jewelry that shows up their own.

Seasonal style is an essential staple in the presentation of hands. During Winter, anyone located in a less than tropical environment can easily adorn their hands with an extra dosage of personality, without piling on gems and gaudy pendants. In the area of gloves, leather is a notoriously beloved candidate. Instead of mangy, woolen oven mitts that pick up lint and shed fur balls, spring for a sleek, leather set. The gloves should be comfortably but unquestionably well-fitted to the contour of your hand, from fingertips to wrist. Gloves too loose look like awkward hand-me-downs and gloves too tight imply that you stole them from an ex-girlfriend (See also: Bracelets #2), neither of which allot your hands the seasonal prestige they deserve. Buttons, zipper and straps on gloves are fine and unfeminine so long as they serve a logical function and are not overly stylized.

Etiquette of Everything Else:

Whether or not we notice them immediately, every man possesses personalized, physical habits capable of magnetizing or deflecting the interest of women. When looking to become better aware of what women find attractive, you’ll first want to become aware of your own movements.   Two ways of detecting your distinct habits are:

1) Having a friend film a casual conversation between the two of you while you are unselfconscious and behaving as you would without a camera present. When later watching the footage, pay close attention to your hands, how you hold them, how you accentuate certain phrases with pointing, outstretching your palms, etc. If something strikes you as an unattractive gesture (this can include anything from ferociously wiping your nose to biting your nails, twirling your moustache, rubbing your chest, etc), take a mental note of it.

2) Looking into a mirror as you speak to another person sitting opposite you. A great place to do this is restaurants that have mirrors paneled alongside the walls. Don’t indulge too deeply in your reflection, you can’t receive an accurate portrayal of your physical behavior that way – your consciousness of the mirror will adjust all natural instincts. Just glance up every now and again to see how you’re responding to a question, notice where your hands are and whether or not you’re pleased with the result.

Once aware of your hands’ activity, don’t obsess over their performance. This will only make your general persona seem tense and too calculated. Simply remind yourself, each time you slip up, that you would like to stop nervously wringing your hands, twiddling your thumbs and/or cracking your knuckles. Your mere awareness will advance quitting process.

Some Things To Never Do With Your Hands:

1) Keep them shoved in your pockets at all times. This makes you look shifty, ashamed and/or secretly armed.

2)  Hold them perched in midair with your wrists flopped over like puppy’s paws. An attribute of the hipster scene, this gives off the impression of boredom, elitist entitlement and/or questionable sexuality.

3) Place both hands on your hips, unless you are unbelievably akin to slouching, smoldering James Dean or suiting up to run a marathon. Similarly, do not clasp them in front of yourself (making you look like a elementary school teacher) or behind you (making you look like an elementary student).

4) Intimately touch women you are not involved with in front of women you would like to be involved with. While in the presence of prospective partners, do not hold your hand against another woman’s back, rub her shoulder, scratch her head or do anything which might suggest problematic familiarity. (Unless she’s your sister, this always applies).

Some Things In Particular To Do With Your Hands:

1) Clean them – many men do not realize how much dirt they have stored up under their nails. Women, however, do and they tend to prefer rugged, handsome hands that are simultaneously skeeze-free.

2) Make an effort to keep them moving asymmetrically, unless declaring important information. Gestures that mirror each other (i.e. both palms facing each other, both hands over your head, both hands identically extended forward) seem too eager, unnatural and invasive. Save these motions for when you have something extraordinary to say. Then, due to their scarcity, they will be all the more emphatic and powerful. It’s all about ease, followed by occasional oomph.