Record players have worked pretty much the same since their inception. Sure they’ve gotten smaller, lighter and digital-er, but the core concept—place needle on record, listen to record—hasn’t changed much. And we shouldn’t expect it to.

Anyway, that was yesterday. This is today. And everything we just said is obsolete now thanks to a little gizmo called RokBlok.

It’s a portable, wireless wooden block that rides atop your records, producing crisp sound that lets you listen to your records anywhere. It’s on Kickstarter now (pledges begin at $79) and, if all goes well, they’ll begin shipping this thing out in September.

Rather than the traditional model of a stationary needle and spinning record, the RokBlok and its needle—housed under the block—spin around the record to produce sound. That sound can be played directly from the device’s built-in speaker, giving you everything you need in a very portable package. But for more robust sound, like the kind you might want to deploy at parties, you can use the Bluetooth capabilities to pair it with larger, external speakers.

But the point here is that you can soon listen to your favorite records anywhere, without the need to lug around a record player. All you need is a flat surface and you’re ready to go. So try breaking this thing out at a picnic, or putting one directly on your desk.

You probably won’t get a lot of work done, but at least you’ll have a weird spinning block racing around a record to provide hours of entertainment for you and the office cat.