Sometimes a product design becomes so accepted and entrenched within an industry, no one dreams of reinventing it, even if it’s not perfect. Such is the case with the mummy sleeping bag, which has dominated backcountry business for years.

Until now.

Because today marks the Kickstarter launch of Zenbivy, a new take on the sleeping bag that could change everything. It combines light weight (2 pounds, 6 ounces), mummy sack warmth (700 FP down, to withstand up to 25 degrees F) and versatility we’ve never really seen before, thanks to strategically placed materials and zippers.


Instead of the traditional single component, you get two: a fitted sheet that attaches to your mattress and an oversize quilt with footbed that zips over top. Using these two pieces, you can configure your set-up in a plethora of ways to suit both your traditional sleeping position and the outside temperature.

I got a chance to try the bag out and, as a side sleeper who gets claustrophobic about my feet, I can tell you this flexibility is a big improvement over mummy bags, which tend to force you into that, you know, King Tut position. I slept soundly and woke up refreshed, something that often doesn’t happen in my own bed!

Now, I have yet to test this thing in frigid conditions, but if it’s anywhere near as comfy in cold temps as it is in warmer ones, it has the potential to turn the industry upside down.

And make mummy bags look, well, kinda ancient…