The high school reunion is a big event for many people whose glory years were those four years of adolescence or for people who have changed during their adult years and have really blossomed into top notch human beings. Either way, this reunion weekend serves as a chance for you to stand out. Check out some of the ways to impress people at your high school reunion.


Lie. While lying is a bad thing to do, if you never talk to people from high school anymore, you don't live in the same place you attended high school and there is no way for them to find out the truth, make up your new backstory. Who cares? It will give them something to talk about over drinks and will be amusing for you, especially if you are a good actor.


Show off your awesome life. While others may try to show off other things, there is nothing more respectable than someone who has graduated from college, has a good job and a great family and who shows it off modestly. Regardless of opinions or passive aggressive comments you may get in response, just know you have it better than a lot of those ex-high schoolers who now have miserable, dead-end lives.


Look great. Remember how no one paid attention to you in high school because you had zits and braces? Well, now you're a young professional with a great gym body and a lot of confidence. Show it off like you always do and make all those chumps regret ever blowing you off for a date or ignoring you when you showed interest. Ugly ducklings always get the last laugh.


Dress finely. A stylish suit implies success, confidence and ability at your high school reunion, making you instantly stand out from everyone else who may be dressed in frumpy, worn clothes. This will also make you stand out to the aging hot girls or guys who are looking to take someone home from the reunion for extracurriculars.


Say hi to everyone. Remember the high school hierarchy? Well, don't. Say hi to everyone. You've evolved past that point and they should have as well and if you're kind to everyone you encounter, then old wounds should be healed and you can forgive those people who upset you when you were a kid. Especially when you mention how you're rich and find out they're still living with their parents.