If you’re going scuba diving or trying to infiltrate an enemy ship, you could just swim there.

Or you could just power up your own submarine.

Yeah, that sounds better. And that’ll soon be possible thanks to Ortega, a company that’s well versed in submersibles. They’re the team behind the new MK.1C, a three-seat submarine with a pair of electric motors that can be employed for both over and underwater activity.

On the surface of the water, this thing can reach speeds of about 10 miles per hour, and under water it can travel about 13 miles per hour. So it’s no racing vehicle, but it’s still the world’s fastest personal submarine. And a lot faster than kicking around with flippers.

It’s an open-top vessel, which means you’re exposed to the water and will require the use of the onboard breathing apparatus. So it’s perfect transportation for scuba divers or anyone wishing to explore the ocean down to depths of 310 feet. It’s also equipped with a navigation system and sonar for finding your way around in the water, and some cargo space for storing all your gear. Plus, did we mention it’s a goddamn submarine?

The MK.1C isn’t available for purchase just yet, but once it is, it’s reported to cost somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000.

So let’s hope you find some buried treasure down there.